Friday, April 29, 2011

Brady's 2nd Birthday Party!!!


Brady had a small birthday party here at home this year. It was a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party. He loved his cake and got tons of great gifts! Mommy however, didnt get any pictures of him opening his gifts!!!! Way to go Mommy!! LOL

Brady is 2!!!

I cant believe my baby boy turned 2 years old last week!! Seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital!! He is such a blessing to us and we love him so much!

Some facts about Brady:
*He is now sleeping in a "big boy" bed.
*He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Imagination Movers.
*He sings along with Imagination Movers all the time.
*He loves it outside.
*He loves to jump on the trampoline.
*His favorite food is Mac & Cheese.
*He is obsessed with shoes, he changes shoes at least 2 times a day and will not go without them on his feet!
*He hates taking a bath.
*He takes one nap a day (if I'm lucky!!) :)
*He sleeps all night.
*He will only drink milk or water.

Origin: Irish and Gaelic
Meaning: Descendant Of Bradach or "Broad Island" or "Large Chested"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abby's First Holy Communion

Abby had her First Holy Communion this past Sunday. What a special day for our family!! I am so proud of the young lady she is. She loves God so much and prays all the time. When her cat was lost she stopped looking for her, knelt down and prayed for God to protect her, every time we hear a siren or see an emergency vehicle she stops what shes doing and folds her little hands and prays "Please protect them in their time of need". We are so blessed to have such a great and special little girl! Joining the Church and putting her in Catholic School is one of our greatest accomplishments!!!

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who said to Your Apostles: "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you," regard not my sins but the faith of Your Church, and deign to give her peace and unity according to Your Will: Who live and reign, God, world without end. Amen.