Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Im BACK!!!! LOL Summer Fun

Hey!! I'm finally getting back to blogging. I guess its been about a year since I posted...I think?!!

We had a busy summer, but we did find time to go to Florida with my husbands parents to Cocoa Beach and Universal Studios!!! Yay Us!!! We flew was my first time on a plane..I LOVED it!!! Ill never drive anywhere ever again!!

Here are a few pics from our vacation. I feel so behind that I cant possibly post all the things we have done the past year!!

A few highlights of the past several months:
* We flew on a plane (first time for me, Abby, and Brady)
*Decided to take Abby out of private school. She is now in public school and doing great!
*My husband was given an opportunity at work that gave him an AWESOME schedule! He works M-F 5AM-1PM, off weekends and holidays!!
*Brady turned 4!!!
*We are still struggling with Potty training with Mr. Brady...he's stubborn!
*Abby ran Cross Country for her new school.
*I painted my kitchen cabinets
*Brady got stitches for the first time
*Chad and I took and AWESOME vacation to Biltmore Inn and Biltmore house in the Spring.
Ill try to post some pics and details on some of these plus whatever else I can remember!!!!

I'm going to try to revamp the site a little so bear with me!! I have missed blogging!!