Friday, August 26, 2011

Its that time again...Consignment Sales!

I am always looking for a good deal! I love to hit all the Fall and Spring consignment sales in town. Its time for the Fall ones now and I am having a blast checking them out.

I went to Jack and Jules first. I didnt really find anything at that sale. I did get Abby some books and Brady some books.

Thursday I went to Picky Chick. It was really really good this year. TONS of stuff. I plan on going back tomorrow morning to see if a few things I saw are marked half off. I found some great deals for Brady. Check it out:
All for $20

Duck Duck Goose is next!! A little over 3 weeks until this awesome sale. I also consign in this sale! Cant wait to see what they have this season!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School....3rd Grade!!!

Back to School!!!! Wow, I cant believe summer is over and we are back in school!

3rd Grade here we come! Abby is so excited about:
1. Having her own locker!
2. Changing classes!
3. Running Cross Country for her school!
4. Seeing all her friends everyday!

Not so excited about:
1.Having real grades (A,B,C,D,or F)for the first time.
2.Getting up early.
3.Starting AR's again.

I think 3rd grade is going to be challenging but Abby will do just fine. I have decided to write the spelling words on our chalkboard every week so she has them in her sites everyday! Finally using the chalk board for more than Hangman!! LOL

Happy School Year everyone!