Friday, April 23, 2010

ARF! A Canine Musical

Abby was in her schools Spring Musical Production of the play ARF! She had me make a t-shirt with a picture of our Siberian Husky on it! The kids had to wear dog apparel or a dog costume. We decided to do a t-shirt, dog ears, and a fuzzy tail. Then last minute we added gray socks over her shoes for paws!! They sang "What Does It Mean To Be A Dog", and "This is Our Night to Howl". It was so cute and they did such a great job. Abby loves to participate in these kinds of events!!!

Brady on Sprout!

2 weeks ago Abby made Brady a birthday card and mailed it to Sprout Channel. She worked hard and was so proud. They show the cards on the childs birthday so yesterday we recorded Sprout's Good Morning Show! Brady's name ran across the bottom of the screen and when I looked online it was the first card I saw on Birthday Page!!! Abby was so proud her card for her brother was online and his name was on TV!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brady Joseph Riggs

Happy Birthday Brady!!! I cant believe you are a year old today! Time flies is a cliche but its soo true when you watch your children grow. We started trying to get pregnant in May 2008. Finally in Sept 2008 we got a positive pregnancy test only to be told there was no gestational sac and I would likely miscarry withing a couple weeks, a couple weeks later after no miscarriage we returned to the dr to see what was going on and we saw an ultrasound of not only a gestational sac but a developing baby with a heartbeat!!!! OMG! We were so excited and scared at the same time. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 7 weeks pregnant, I started insulin injections at week 8. What a long long 9 months it was until Brady arrived, safe and sound, 10 fingers and 10 toes and just beautiful!! Brady is a total free spirit, wild as can be. He is never still, very loud, and the most loving baby I have ever seen!!! He still isnt walking but that's no surprise to me, he is very laid back and not in a hurry to do ANYTHING!! LOL I am a little sad he is one but to watch him grow and develop is so rewarding and exciting. Brady, here's to many more birthdays!! I love you sooooooo much!!!!! I would love to share some pictures of the last year with you all!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home-Repainted

We finally decided on paint color and we painted the shutters and the front door. I love it so much. It mades such a difference!! We still need to put a door knocker on the front door. We used to have a wreath but the birds always make a nest in it and the eggs either fall out or the door has bird droppings all over it. So we decided to do away with the wreath and get a really nice door knocker instead. So will update when the door gets completely finished. We painted the shutters a dark brown and the door is bright red.

Finding a red was a challenge. Apparently they mix red by using a base paint with red tint, well Lowes has discontiued the red tinted base in order to make customers by the more expensive Valspar paint in the meantime the stores are running out of the base and cant mix Valspar reds. This caused a huge issue after spending 20 minutes decided on a red to find out they cant mix it. SOOOO we ended up actually getting the premixed oil based Rustoleium Regal Red. It worked wonderfully!!! Although my husband said he DOES NOT like working with oil based paint, its too sticky! LOL

We were torn between green shutters or brown shutters. I was so scared to do green because I REALLY wanted a red door but I didnt want a "christmas" house!! SO we found a dark earthy brown. I am super pleased with how it turned out!! Now to just finish that door!!!!



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brady's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Brady's first birthday today. The party was kind of a 1st Birthday meets Barney. I made Barney cupcakes and then bought another cake to go along with it so we would have enough for everyone. Instead of a smash cake I made Brady a double cupcake with tons of icing!!! He loved it! It was a great party with family and close friends. I learned with Abby that first birthdays are mostly for the adults and we tried not to go overboard with Brady! Of course the grandparents came with awesome gifts. My parents got him a radio flyer wagon, Chad's parents got him a 4 wheeler he pushes with his feet, my aunts got him a blue ride on car (of course all these items require mommy to assist- not funny guys!)Chad's best friend Jason Hodge and his girlfriend Colleen got him the noisiest toy I have ever heard, a lawnmower that not only makes lawnmower sounds but is also a "popper" when pushed! Brady loves it! The jury is still out if we are still friends with them or not! LOL Just kidding guys! He got so many awesome toys and clothes I cant possibly list them all but they were all wonderful! Thank you all so much for being so wonderful to him!!!! I posted tons of pics from the party. Look at them and enjoy. I cant believe in 11 days my baby boy will be 1 year old. He's such a precious gift. I cant imagine life without him!!!

Sprout Birthday Card

Abby wanted to send a birthday card to PBS Sprout for Brady's birthday. She worked so hard on it and I think it honestly took her over 2 hours to do it. They will show it on TV on his actual birthday April 22 from 9am-noon. If it doesnt get picked for TV then it will be on their website Shes such a great big sister!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Love Spring!!!!!

We spent Friday and Monday working in the yard. We mowed, weeded, planted, and added some new things to the flower bed. I love spring, everything is so fresh and new and looks so crisp and clean! Cant wait to paint my door and shutters! Hopefully that will be in the next few weeks!