Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Decor at the Riggs House

I love this time of year! I am a huge holiday house decorator! I usually decorate for Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!!! For the Fall Season through Thanksgiving I usually just use my regular Fall decorations, about a week before Halloween I will put out a few Halloween decorations. So here's what I have done so far!!!

New Sink Installation

First of all let me tell you I am ALL girl when it comes to home DIY. My thoughts on a new sink was you take one out and put the new on in and its all done. WRONG! Ha! I didn't realize when I asked my husband to install my new sink that it would require new pipes and an extra trip to the home improvement store! We had a regular stainless steel sink that the previous owners had in the home. I had saw a few online photos of colored sinks and I was really impressed when I saw some of the colored sinks were on the cabinet displays. So we decided to get a new sink!! I got the black sink with the small basin and a large basin. I LOVE IT!!!! Its amazing what a difference such a small upgrade can do!!


So we finally made it back to Dollywood on Labor Day! We had not been since the summer BEFORE Brady was born. Brady stayed with NeNe while we took Abby. She loves it so much and he is still rather small for such a long hot day! Abby rode the elephants, bumper cars, sky rider, did adventure mountain, mystery mine, and river rampage! This was her first REAL roller coaster trip, she rode Mystery Mine and loved it but said she would never do it again!HA HA!!! It was a much needed trip with our little girl. I sometimes think when people have more than one child they tend to forget that each one needs their own special time!

A Day with Friends

Before school started we went and spent the day with our friends the Reagans. Abby and Wesley have been friends since before they were born! LOL They always have fun together and the great thing about that is while they hang out and play---I get to hang out with one of my best friends as well--Adrienne! We have been friends for around 10 years. We worked together at JCPenney back in the day!! LOL Its always fun hanging with the Reagans!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Fall is my favorite season of the year! I love being able to open the windows in the house and enjoy the cool breeze that flows throughout the house. There are SOO many things I love about Fall but I wanted to list a few of my favorite things about Fall!

1. Beautiful Leaves!!
2. The scent of my Apple candles burning throughout the house!!
3. Candy Corn!!

4. The Corn Maze at Oakes Farms in Corryton, TN!!
5. My family's annual Bonfire and Hot Dog Roast!!
6. Pumpkins!!

7. Great Fall TV Lineups!!
8. Long Sleeve Shirts and Jeans!!
9.Hot Chocolate!!
10. Watching Football with my husband!! Go Notre Dame!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

St. Mary's Catholic School - Blue Ribbon Winner!

Today the U.S. Department of Education announced the winners of the 2010 Blue Ribbon of Excellence Award to 254 Public schools and 50 Private schools in the U.S. We were at our open house when the principal made the announcement that our school had won the award! Only 10 schools in TN received the coveted award. Two of those schools were local catholic schools. St. Mary's and St.Joseph's.

Sending Abby to private school is not an easy thing to do. We have to give up alot to afford to send her. Between us and my parents we somehow are blessed enough to give her a wonderful education and I am so proud that we send her to a school that really cares about her education and well being. I am thankful everyday that she gets to go to such a great school and no matter what I have to do Brady will follow behind her to this great school!! Way to go St. Mary's!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Newest Family Member

After much debate we decided to let Abby have a cat. I didn't want a kitten, so we went down to Young Williams Animal Shelter ( and took a look at the cats they had up for adoption. I was surprised that they didn't have alot to choose from. However, we narrowed it down to two cats, a white long haired Siamese female and a smokey gray short haired male. As we turned the corner to get someone to show us these cats Abby yells Oh My Gosh Mommy----Look at this one, I love her. It was a brown faced, gray and black striped Tabby. She was 1 year old and SOOO sweet. We visited with her and decided to adopt her. We went back the next day and picked her up. Her name is Shannon. She is the sweetest cat.

After having her for only an hour we thought she had escaped and was missing. The entire house was devastated. We searched and searched for her and couldn't find her. Some neighborhood boys said they saw her run into the empty wooded lot behind our house. We knew she was gone!!!!! After 4 hours of searching the neighborhood and surrounding areas we ended the search on a devastated and sad note. That night I was woken up by the Husky tearing the baby gate down and as I jumped up guess what?? There was Shannon, she was NEVER outside, she was just hiding from us! We were all so happy to see her! Needless to say she LOVES to hide! So I am sure we are in for years of mischief and sweetness from her!

New Riggs Ride!!!!

So my husband Chad has been looking for an old antique or classic car for some time now. He was really interested in old British cars but the ones we found were either completely restored and very expensive or so junky you could never repair them without having a fortune to spend on it.

Well a few weeks ago he got on the hunt for one again and we came across this beauty! The motor and mechanics are completely redone and it runs like a dream. Yes there is ALOT of cosmetics that need to be done but I think a nice paint job and some new chrome and she will shine right up! This is a 1968 MG MGb Roadster.

Our future plans for it are to paint it British Racing Green (similar to Hunter Green)and some clear coat, redo the interior, replace the fenders(which brand new ones came with the car we just have to have them put on), and get some new chrome and wheels for it. I think she will fix up nicely. Don't get me wrong---this is TOTALLY my husbands car, but I think watching him redo it will be as much fun for me as it is for him. He works so hard to take care of us, he sacrifices things he wants so we can buy the kids things and do things with the kids, so I am SOOO proud he could buy this for himself. He DESERVES it sooooo much!! I will keep you updated on the restoration and upload pics as we do work to it!!!!

Duck Duck Goose.....

Well my first consignment sale is done and over! I really enjoyed it, of course there were a few snags but it was fun and I made some money! Now to start getting ready for Duck Duck Goose.
Come Play....
Duck Duck Goose
Oct. 7-11
Former Kmart Building Next to West Town Mall

I am super excited to do this sale, I actually have time to get a ton of stuff ready before the sale so hoping to do a little better this time!! I love consigning!!