Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coupon 101

On Saturday I went to the 2nd Annual Coupon Fair. It was nice and I learned alot about coupons and was inspired to try to start using coupons! I usually clip them, put them in my purse, and months later toss them because I forgot to use them!!!

This is the loot bag they gave us as we walked in the door of the Fair. I filled it with tons of information and freebies!!

I went to the store today and I purchased a zippered binder, dividers, plastic photo sheets and a Sunday paper. I made my coupon binder and went to town clipping coupons! Here are some photos of my binder.

Family Field Trip!

We took a road trip to Oak Ridge today to see the American Museum of Science and Energy. I hadn't been there since I was in middle school. I thought Abby would love it and she totally did! She could have stayed there all day! Brady enjoyed some of the bright colors and lights. We had a very fun and informative time! A great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon!!!

Of course the kids got souvenirs! Brady got a stuffed microbe of the Common Cold (who would think the common cold would be so cute???!!), and Abby got an anti-gravity bird which is really really neat!!! We got season passes so I cant wait to go back, who knows maybe Abby will come home with a robot next time and Brady can get a stuffed MRSA or Measles Microbe!!! LOL

Brother + Sister = CUTENESS!!!

Over the past week I have snapped some really cute pics of my kids. They have enjoyed our new backyard when the weather permitted!!

How adorable are they??!!!

New picnic table I got the kids!!

Brady's Haircut!!!!

I did find time Monday to take Brady for his first professional haircut!! We went with a spiky short hair cut! I am a huge fan of boys and men with very short to no hair!! LOL

Isn't he just sooo cute?????!!!!!

Project Fence!

WOW! What a crazy couple of weeks we have had around the Riggs household!! I have been so busy I haven't had time to blog at all. Last Friday we started putting up our privacy fence and boy what a job that turned out to be!! Our back yard was fenced in but we had a HUGE side yard we wanted to add to the back yard so the kids would have a safe big place to play this summer.
Chad and I decided it would be best to rent an auger and not dig the holes by hand. SO, we went on Friday morning and rented it for the weekend. Friday after lunch we started our fence by digging the holes and setting the posts in the ground. It went really quickly and I am so proud of my husband for such a great job. Friday night and Saturday we had some family come and help. By Saturday night the entire yard was fenced in!!!!
Sunday we put up a small picket fence to keep our dogs out of the bigger yard and away from the kids when they play. So now the dogs have their own yard to do with that they want! LOL
I am now in the process of fixing my patio, getting the kids some outside toys, and doing some planting. However, the weather is not cooperating with me at this time so all those things are on hold. Can't wait until Spring gets here and the cold and rain are gone, normally I love winter but with my new yard and new ideas for the outdoors I am actually ready for Spring this year!!! I will post more pics as the outside transforms into a relaxing oasis!! LOL

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be My Valentine!

I have looked into your eyes with my eyes.
I have put my heart near your heart.
- Pope John XXIII

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays!!! I love all the pretty decorations in the stores and just he entire "Love" theme of the holiday!! Unfortunately, this year my husband had to work so we didn't get to go out to celebrate. Last night we put the kids to bed and watched TV. It was really nice and so sweet. This morning I woke up to beautiful flowers from my wonderful husband!! I LOVE flowers!! Mixed bouquets are my favorites. I hope everyone had a great day and felt loved!!

Abby had a Valentines Day party at school but there are no pictures because Chad was called into work early and since Brady is still sick I had to miss her party. She said it was super fun.

I gave the kids their Valentines goody bags after Abby got home from school. Poor Chad had to miss it! But we had a great Valentine's day anyway!!!

I think these flowers I got today are the prettiest flowers I have EVER gotten!!!

Kids goody bags!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Catholic Schools Week 2011

Happy Catholic Schools Week 2011!!!

This week, Catholic schools all around the country celebrated all they do within their communities as part of the annual Catholic Schools Week Celebration.

The purpose of the celebration is to shine a light on the work the students, teachers and staff do both inside and outside of the classroom, growing students in their secular education and religious lives.

Abby's school had special things planned everyday.
Monday- Silly Hat Day (I forgot to take a pic but we had a sparkly sun visor with pipe cleaners stuck all through it)
Tuesday- Priest Appreciation Day and All School Birthday Party
Wednesday- Silly Sock Day and Dismiss at 1pm
Thursday- Out of Uniform Student Appreciation Day
Friday- Red and White Day

Abby has so much fun all week!!! Catholic Schools Week is such a fun week for our school and I am so happy we were at St. Josephs School this year!!

Silly Sock Day! I put ribbon through the socks!

Out of Uniform Day!!!

Red and White Day!!

Go Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby finally got some grades back! Here is a picture of her FROG book which is her daily planner and homework/communications folder. I am so proud of her grades. Considering all the changes she has gone through transferring to a new school she had done fabulous!! I am so proud of her!

My bulletin board and dry erase weekly calendar, THE only way I can keep up with things!!!

No Homework Pass for wearing her school uniform to Mass the Sunday before Catholic School Week!

Blessed are you, O Lord our God.
You give us time for growing and learning
and you give us the gift of Catholic education.

Treasure Hunting.....

Last week I went to visit my parents. They live on a fairly large farm. My dad has a huge field here he keeps Abby's two little horses. I was talking to my mom about one time when I was smaller I found a huge pile of old bottles down behind their house and my dad said "come with me". So we went down into the horse field and he showed me an area with broken glass and bottles sticking up out of the ground. We started digging and we found a lot of glass bottles. He estimated they have to be at least 37 years old because that's how long my parents have lived on the property. We think its just some junk piles that were made by people who lived there many many years ago, kind of like a homemade landfill. We only dug for awhile. I plan on going back this summer and digging deeper and seeing what I can find!!! How exciting!!!

Here is some of what we found, I only had time to wash a few! We found glass Clorox bottles, Vick's vapor rub, paint thinner, some soda bottles, jars, wine bottles, and medicine bottles.