Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stormy Summer!

I have heard that April showers bring May Flowers but instead this spring was pretty nice and summer has been really bad!! We have had continuous storms. Last week it stormed EVERY day. Most of the storms were fast and scary. One night we woke up to the cell phone beeping, it was a tornado warning for our area so we got up and turned on the news...boy was it a long night!!!! The news said there was strong rotation heading our way, the worst they had ever seen and it was so dark they couldn't confirm a tornado or funnel cloud so we should take cover immediately. We prepped the pantry and while the kids slept (we didnt want to wake them unless we had too!)we watched the TV ready to jump at any second...thank goodness it took a right turn and headed south and broke up fairly soon after that.
I have never seen such violent weather. I don't like it at all!! I love a good thunderstorm at night occasionally but this is getting out of control. We have had a couple good days so hopefully maybe these storms are over for now.

Below are some photos I took last week of the storms!

Pedi/Mani--Girls Day!

On Monday Abby and I went to the mall and had our very first ever professional pedicure. While she had her fingernails done I had my very first ever pedicure. Needless to say I felt my feet were horribly ugly so I was always embarrassed to even go in and ask. Well the people were so kind I decided why not?!! It felt so good and I walked out of there feeling like I had brand new feet. Abby said hers felt good too, they just painted her toes and fingers she skipped the foot soak and all the grown up stuff, they did her cuticles so she was happy!!!

It was such a fun experience and I plan on making it a monthly treat! I had no idea that a pedicure would make my feet feel so much better, I thought it was all just for pretty toenails but it actually made the bottoms and heels feel so much better.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Secret in our House...LOL

As silly as this sounds one of my dreams in life was to have a king size bed, well when we bought our home over 5 years ago, my husband bought me a new bedroom suite. YES, a KING size bed...woohoo. The first one we bought was too big when they delivered it, the bed was so tall it wouldn't fit up our stairwell so we had to send it back..I was so sad. So off to the store we went to find a different one. I don't know how I missed this one but when I saw it I fell in love with it. Its my favorite thing in the house besides my husband and kids..LOL!!

After 6 weeks of frustration waiting on it to be delivered and sleeping on a mattress in the finally arrived, I was so excited and pleased! BUT...a few days later I noticed the beautiful molding around the top of the chest was really loose, the more I shook it and messed with it the looser it felt so I decided to just leave it alone, I was NOT returning it to wait another 6 weeks to have it replaced. Every time I would clean it I would be nervous and very cautious with the molding, I did not want it to fall off!!! LOL

Remember, that was 5 years ago, well today my husband noticed it was loose for the first time....I thought I mentioned it, but I guess not..anyway, he decided to take a look at it and then I heard the words "hey honey..did you know this was a drawer?"..WHAT???? A drawer!!!!! Yes it was never a "loose piece of molding" it was a drawer that was slightly open! LOL So now I love it even more, not only do I have an awesome story to go with it I gained an awesome secret drawer!! LOL and yes I do feel a little stupid that I never bothered to even pull on it!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Here are some pics of my favorite piece of furniture in our home now!!!!

what I thought was "loose" molding

Figured for 5 years it would fall off at anytime it was so "loose" LOL

but WAIT..what is this??? Its a Drawer!!!!!!

Check it out, my new drawer!