Friday, July 23, 2010

Recently We Are BUSY!!!

Wow! What a busy week we have had!! I took the kids to the mall shopping for a school backpack for Abby on Monday. We ended up with a really cool backpack AND I got a really cool insulated lunch tote to carry extra milk and drinks for the kids when we are out and about!!
Then on Wednesday I had to take Abby to the dr. She has had a constant tummy ache for a couple weeks. Looks like she was just constipated-to much info Im sure LOL- they gave her some meds and she seems good to go now, but on the way home we decided she needed a hair cut so we went and had her trimmed up!!
Then on Thursday I worked the school uniform sale. This was the first time I have ever done a consignment type sale. I took some old uniforms to the sale and bought some new (new to us anyway) stuff. I ended up making $64 in the sale and the new stuff I got was $67, SOOOO I got 2 Plaid Jumpers, 2 Plaid Skorts, 6 pair of uniform shorts, 2 pair of uniform pants, 2 sweatshirts, 2 PE shirts, 1 polo shirt, and 1 spirit wear tee shirt all for $3, yes $3----I love a bargain!!!!!
We have also been gathering up this years school supplies, whew, who knew kids needed sooo much stuff!!
Today I took Brady for his drs appointment. His 15 month check up. He is such a small little guy, he weighed 21 lbs 11 oz!! But all was well!! He's on a constant growing curve so they said no need to worry about anything. He has started hitting his head on the floor when hes mad, I asked them about it, the doctor laughed and said its testosterone!! Just ignore it and he will stop doing that!!! Funny little guy!! Well, lets see what the weekend has in store for us!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fish, Family, and Fun

We finally took the trip to the aquarium that we had promised the kids! Yes, it took us almost all summer to get there but we finally made it!!! This was Brady's first trip and he LOVED it!!! The new penguin exhibit is AWESOME! The kids get to crawl through the habitat and come face to face with the penguins!!! We totally utilized a free child's ticket so Brady and Abby both got in free! Yea Me!!! Of course Abby had to get a stuffed penguin and Brady got a light up sword! It was a great trip!

After the aquarium we ate at OCharley's and then did some shopping at the outlet malls!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sewing 101

Abby has been dying to learn to sew. She ALWAYS wants me to get the sewing machine out and teach her, however, I am no seamstress myself. I can sew straight lines, mend a hole or do a small easy project. I CAN NOT sew any kind of clothing! For some reason sleeves and pants are beyond my realm of understanding! LOL

We found a pillowcase project at Wal-mart and Abby wanted to make her brother a pillowcase. The package said Easy and Fun! Finish in One Hour! OK this was not the case at all, the instructions were not correct come to find out, they had been translated from another country and it was not fun trying to figure out what in the world they were SUPPOSED to say. After following them the best we could we ended up having to look on the Internet to figure it out. Watching numerous YouTube videos and looking at a ton of sewing websites I finally figures out how to save the project!

The best thing to come from this project was Abby got to use the sewing machine for the first time and she loved it. I set it up and started her stitches and she finished them, by the end of the project she could start and finish her seams. She loved it! She sewed all the seams but the last border piece which was our trouble piece. She did a FINE job and I was very proud of her! I think Brady will LOVE his pillowcase "sissy" made him!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Genealogy, Family Trees, and Our Past

Several years ago my husband became interested in his ancestors and where he came from. We never took the time to research it much until recently. We both decided to start tracing our family and see just where we came from. We joined which is the most amazing website ever! We have spent numerous hours the past few months tracing our family tree and collecting pictures from relatives. We have decided to dedicate our dining room to the history of our family and we are going to put pictures and family heirlooms in there. What better place to honor your family than your family dining room?

One definition of family I saw was perfect for this post.
Family: A group of persons sharing common ancestry.
I love this definition because it truly is the meaning of family when you are trying to trace your roots!!

Don't get me wrong, this has NOT been easy by any means. My husband is having more luck than I am. He has traced his family on one side back to Ireland. I am still in the United States and pretty stuck as of this moment. I just wanted to share with you all what I am doing and will keep you updated on how its going. If I find out I am related to someone famous or royalty you all will be the first to know! HA HA!!!

Below are some photos my aunt gave me of my grandparents:

My Grandfather and Grandmother- Dad's parents

My Grandfather and Grandmother- Mom's Parents

My Grandfather a few years before he passed away

My Grandmother with my dad and his brother and sisters when he was little

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laundry Room Redo!!!

I decided to repaint my laundry room! I figured it would be an easy project since its soooo small! It had never been painted before and still had the construction eggshell paint on it. Not to mention ALOT of scuffs and nail holes from old wire shelves the previous owners had installed. We painted it Valspar- Garden Fresh, its a bright greenish yellow and we put up new shelves that we reclaimed out of the old play room. Take a look, its AMAZING what a fresh coat of paint will do!! Now maybe I will be motivated to do my laundry!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Projects.....Finally....

I have so many projects I want to get done before Fall and the holidays!!

I finally got my kitchen in order. I cleaned off my counters and finally placed my small appliances where I REALLY wanted them to be. I moved the coffeemaker next to the fridge and got rid of the bottle station since Brady doesn't take formula or cereal anymore I figured he could have cabinet space now!

I also cleaned my fridge out, took everything out of it, scrubbed it down with soap and water and redid the inside and organized it!!! Yea me!!! What a job, it took me 2hours!!!!

I also finally got Abby's glowing planets put up in her room, she got them in December at her birthday party!! Bad Mommy! Thanks Daddy for helping us get them up!

I also painted an old bookshelf we had downstairs and gave it to Abby for her room. She needed more space for her books and awards! I also redid her walls and moved her shelves and bulletin board.

I have been a busy girl lately and this is only the beginning. My next project starts tomorrow, painting the laundry room and organizing it. My main project is to paint my kitchen cabinets, put up bead board as back splash, and paint the kitchen blue! Then I will move on to the dining room/family history room after I get all my genealogy in order and photos scanned and framed. I also have to paint that room so wish me luck!!! Will post as I get things done.....could be awhile!!! :)

4th of July

On Sunday we went to visit my husbands family and celebrate the 4th of July.
I made fruit kabobs with strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, and marshmallows. They were super yummy!!!

The kids played in the pool and had fun hitting the pinata! Of course when the pinata is full of silly bands and candy how can you go wrong!!

Brady had a great time especially when it was time to relax and he crashed with the Mayor of Lafollette, Mike, on a big animal print floor pillow!! LOL The Mayor is my husbands uncles father-in-law. Abby thought it was awesome the mayor was there!! LOL

Of course we had our annual volleyball game. I played two games then gave up, I am no good at volleyball!!!

The night ended with a lot of fireworks. It was a great night with family and friends, cant wait until next year!!!!!!!!!! Happy 4th of July!!!!