Friday, October 28, 2011

Boo! at the Zoo! 2011

We have been going to Boo! at the Zoo since Abby was one year old. We love it so much! Some years you get a ton of candy and some years you don't but its the atmosphere and experience that makes it such a wonderful thing to do! We thought this year was one of the best! There seemed to be more trick or treat stations and of course the last station gives out Krispy Kreme donuts and they are GREAT!!!!

Chad doesn't always get Halloween off so this is our "Halloween" tradition! I don't know what we will do when the kids are too old to go!! LOL

Abby was a lucky witchbone witch and Brady was of course Charlie Brown!!!!! They had such a good time. We went with some friends but of course I got so caught up in the excitement I didn't even get a photo of our friends! :( Sorry!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Maybe an Artist???

Im beginning to think I might have an artist on my hands!!!! Abby sat outside tonight and drew these cats!!! Great Job Abby!!!!!

Our nice evening....

We are so enjoying our fenced in backyard this Fall!! Tonight we sat outside and played Horse Bingo. Then Abby decided to draw some pictures and Brady "mowed" the backyard with his lawnmower! I rearranged the patio a few weeks ago and the kids are really loving the playhouse being on the patio and not in the yard. I could stay out there forever watching them play. Once again I have to say it....I LOVE FALL!!!!

Our tree is changing pretty!!!

Fresh flowers!!!!

Brady mowing the yard!! Hes such a hard worker!

NO, we can NOT cut the tree down....just go around it!

My handsome boy!!

Beautiful Abby!!!!

Fall Festival

Today we spent the day at the school Fall Festival!!! It was such a nice day, beautiful weather and great fellowship with all the people at such a wonderful school and community.

Abby and I ran the Dinosaur Toss for an hour. This is the 5Th year we have ran a game booth at a Fall Festival...we are PROS at it!!! LOL

Then Abby played some games and won some prizes. On several occasions she decided to get her little brother a prize instead of one for herself. She's such a wonderful big sister. He LOVED everything she picked out for him!

She also picked a few things for herself, yes mostly stuffed animals and candy!! LOL

She also HAD to have her face painted. She picked a cat....big surprise there huh?? LOL
It was such a great day!!! I love Fall!!!

Brady's gifts from his sister!

Abby's Prizes!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

In here, life is beautiful.-Cabaret

Chad and I try to go to Abingdon, VA to see a play every year at the Barter Theater. It is one of my favorite places to go. The town is so pretty and the actors at the Barter are wonderful!!!
This year we saw Cabaret! It is my favorite play we have seen so far. My husband said he still likes Dracula best!! I do think we were probably the youngest people in the playhouse that day!! LOL If you dont know anything about Cabaret then all I will say is its definately "mature" themed! The gasps from the little old women were so funny!! I'm sure they were thinking "Well, I've never!!!" LOL
The actors were so good! They made the play so enjoyable and the standing ovation was WELL deserved! I would highly recommend this play, it ends in Novemeber so take a drive up to Abingdon and enjoy the show!
I LOVE plays!!! I wish I could see one every week!

Does it really matter so long as you're having fun?--Sally Bowles

Well I finally did it.....

I actually decided to go on Facebook Vacation! I was on it way too much and decided to detox myself. I went three weeks without ANY FB!! I am getting on to share pics and see what my friends are doing but NO MORE having to be on FB life is way too busy for that!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More and More Cross Country..GO BULLDOGS!!!!

4th race of the season was at Hardin Valley Academy! It was a good course for the kids to run but NOT spectator friendly at all! We saw them run by at the beginning and then saw them run through the finish shoot!!

More Cross Country..GO BULLDOGS!!!!

3rd Race of the season was at Melton Hill Park. It was a good run and we all got some exercise hiking to the course and back to the car!!!! LONG walk!!

2nd Race of the season was at Cove Lake State Park. It was a tough course!! But the girls did great!!!

The Mudroom

We decided to turn our old coat closet into a mudroom. I took pics of the entire process but we decided we only needed one computer in the house so we put mine away. We thought we had backed up all my photos but realized it copied my husbands files OVER mine!!!! So now I have to try to recover ALL my photos off my hard drive. No time for that right now so all I have are pics of the finished product!! We painted it to match the playroom. The inside of the door has basket weave trim. I found the bench at Homegoods! LOVE IT!! I think it came together rather nice considering how long it actually took to complete this "SMALL" project!!!

Brady's First Playgroup

My friend Becky just moved to town and is starting a weekly playgroup. Brady had never been to a playgroup before. He had such a good time and it was really nice for him to be around another little boy!! Hes surrounded by girls! LOL

He enjoyed playing with his friends Alex and Alyssa. Cant wait for next week!!