Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Diet.......UGGGG!!!! :)

So I have to share with sad news with everyone that I am on a diet!!! I hate the word "diet" and I am not the type of person who "diets". Well, after I had Brady which that pregnancy was full of eating right and taking insulin injections in my stomach drs told me my health would NOT recover from his pregnancy the way it did with Abby. and it DIDN'T!!

I gained so much weight after I had him because my body had been through so much and I was on 100 units of insulin a day for 32 weeks. So I couldn't lose the weight I gained with him, and I gained even more after he was here!! The last trip I made to the blood sugar was high, my blood pressure was high, my weight was at an all time high and I felt helpless!! So of course I went into denial and said there HAS to be something wrong with me, I don't eat that much!!!

I enjoyed the holidays and said like every other human...JAN 1 I am going on a diet...well I didn't! LOL

Well, about 3 weeks ago I noticed my pants were tight, I was so tired I couldn't walk up the stairs without having to sit down when I got up here, my face was covered in acne like never before, my hair was falling out, and I just looked awful. SOOOO I said to myself...I cant do this anymore, its time I took control of my own health!

I spent about 2 days mourning the old me then I realized, there is no miracle diet, no miracle pill, no miracle diagnosis to make me feel better. I did alot of research on what the best approach for me would be. I decided counting calories and walking on my treadmill was my best option. I can eat what my family eats just smaller portions and my treadmill is always available for use!

THE BIG DAY!!! JANUARY 23, 2012...I started my diet! The calorie calculator I used said to lose 1 pound a week I needed a calorie intake of 1650 calories a day. Well, I dropped it down to 1400 calories a day to start, just to see how I would do. The first few days were KILLER, I was so hungry!! I thought about food and eating from the time I got out of bed until I went back to bed that night. I noticed something about stomach was growling.....I couldn't remember the last time my stomach growled! I hated it!!! I thought about quiting probably every 2 hours for that first week!

When I weighed 7 days later I was shocked.....I had lost 7 pounds...WHAT???? No way! I was beyond happy. I couldn't believe just cutting my calories and keeping a food journal had made such a difference.

The next week wasn't so pretty!!! I was still hungry alot but I was also very irritable! It was a rough week but I never went over my 1400 calories a day and I added my treadmill in the mix to! I weighed and I had lost another 3 pounds!! 10 pounds in 2 weeks...WOW!!!!! I was impressed!

This past week I weighed and YEA...another 4 pounds GONE!!! So counting calories and walking on my treadmill in 3 weeks I lost 14 pounds....its a miracle really!!!!

The hunger pains are not as bad, the irritability isn't as bad, but I do have my good and bad days. But I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings with this lifestyle change.

I haven't set a BIG goal, I am going pound by pound and using every 10 pounds as a milestone!!! I will definitely do diet updates and let you know how I am doing. Its not been easy, BUT its easier than I thought it would be!

14 pounds to my next milestone of 20 pounds GONE!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines Day Brownies!

Valentines Day is probably one of my favorite days!! Yes I know its NOT Feb 14Th yet, but I'm just getting a head start on it!!!! Tonight Abby and I made heart shaped brownies! Abby LOVES brownies, they are her favorite dessert!! So in honor of Valentines are our brownies!!!!!!

Drum roll please......................

Baked and ready to go!

YES the cookie cutter worked!! I was worried they would fall apart!

Add a little powdered sugar and a homemade stencil and look what we have!


this is "brownie scraps" as Abby calls them and she added a little powdered sugar to them and now they are ready to eat!!! LOL

Lets Play Catch Up.....January 2012!

WOW! I am so far behind on my blog so I'm doing one post for the month of January! The weather has been very warm this January so we were outside alot! We avoided all sickness until Abby came down with Bronchitis last week...:( Chad found out he has Basil Cell Carcinoma on his nose and is scheduled for surgery in a couple weeks. So we have been busy busy's the highlights!

January included the following activities:
- 3rd grade Awards Day
- Brady riding his tricycle outside for the first time
- Abby building a birdhouse with her Daddy
- 3rd grade spelling bee
- Catholic Schools Week
- The Bite

Abby received the Science Award and the Homework Award at the 3rd grade awards day!

Brady rode his tricycle outside for the first time...and LOVED it!!

Abby got REAL woodworking tools for Christmas so her and her daddy spent one afternoon building a birdhouse!!

Abby won the 3rd grade spelling bee and came in 8Th out of 30 at the school spelling bee (grades 3-8) as a 3rd grade representative!!

This past week was Catholic Schools Week and Abby was given a beautiful rosary by Cardinal Rigali!!!

and last but not least was the first battle wound Abby has ever received from her brother...he was upset we wouldn't let him have Abby's beta fish and he threw a fit, trying to make him feel better she picked him up and .....boom, he bit her on the chest!!! Lets just say he wont be doing that again anytime soon!!!

I need to do better on my blogging, things have just been so hectic around here. On top of all this I started a diet last month too....more on that later!