Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Diet

After seeing this photo of myself on New Years Eve I came to realize that I was slowly losing control of everything about me. Especially my health.

So January 23, 2012 I started my diet. Some people may be embarrassed to post their weight or pant size but the way I see it if it helps someone who is struggling then there is nothing to be embarrassed about right?

On the morning of Jan. 23rd I stepped on the scale (which I purchased the night before at Target because I didnt own a scale)to see a number I was not happy with. I weighed 202 pounds and I was wearing a size 18 in pants and most of my tops were XXL.

I decided that day to count calories and start exercising. I used an online calorie counter to see what I needed to eat to lose weight. It said I should eat 1650 calories a day to lose 1-2 pounds a week, so I dropped my calories to 1400 per day. I started walking on the treadmill that night. I was only able to do about a mile at no incline.

After Day 1 I pretty much felt defeated. That feeling did not go away for a long time.

It seemed the harder I worked the slower my progress was. After the first week I weighed in and had lost 1 pound...OMG...I wanted to crawl in the closet and never come out. I thought I would never lose the weight I needed to lose.

I didnt really set a huge goal. I started out saying "when I lose 10 pounds I will set another goal". It took me about a month to lose that 10 pounds and the emotional stuff you deal with is far worse than the food and exercise.

I cant count the emotional breakdowns I had those first few months. I was ultra sensative to anything anyone said, I felt like we had food and I was denied eating it, I felt alone and defeated on a daily basis.

On top of all of this I had two kids to raise and take care of! What was I thinking taking on such a task with all the other stuff I had to do??

Our life consisted of daily trips to McDonalds, Sonic, pizza joints, etc...who has time to cook with kids, extra activities, and life in general???

Having to learn to cook was extremely hard...meal planning, what will the kids eat, what will my husband eat, what CAN I was torture!

But somehow I managed to defeat my emotions, lack of cooking skills, limited time for exercise, and negative attitude and 6 months later I am weighing in at 148 pounds and now a size 8!!!!

OMG a size 8!!!! Who would have ever thought that 6 months ago. Im not going to elaborate on how I did it or what all it took because I am in the process of making an entire blog dedicated to telling busy women and moms that you CAN take care of yourself and your family all at the same time. So stay tuned for my new blog but I just wanted to tell everyone what I have been up to lately.

Oh and in the process of all this.. we ended a school year, my daughter was in a play, my son was in the hospital and ended up having surgery to remove tonsils and you can say we have been extremely busy this summer!

6 months later and ALOT of hard work!