Friday, November 1, 2013

Painted Cabinets

When we moved into our home about 7 years ago the first thing I noticed was the builder grade cabinets and I always said "I need to redo or replace those!" LOL Well, 7 years later I still hadn't gotten up the nerve to do either. Over time we had replaced all the appliances with Stainless Steel and changed the d├ęcor probably 10 times! LOL We painted the kitchen a really cool blue last year. Soooo, I decided last month to just do it!!!

I went to Lowes and bought Deglosser and Grey Paint. We removed the doors one at a time and I did each cabinet by itself. It took me probably 7 days from start to finish to get it all done and put back together.

I also had my husband replace all the hardware and two old broken cabinets with new ones. He also added bead board to the ends of each cabinet to give it some character. I don't have a photo but we added a tall pantry style cabinet next to the refrigerator which has added so much storage its ridiculous!!! I love it!!

So here's an older before and an after photo of my handy work!

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