Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My First Consignment Sale!

Well, I took the plunge last minute and decided to participate in a local consignment sale. I attended as a shopper last year and LOVED this sale! I spent the last weekend hanging and tagging clothes and finally finished up at 11pm last night!!! I mostly had some of Brady's little clothes and some of Abby's clothes. I had a few baby gear items. I guess we will see Saturday if it was worth all the work!! I'm really excited about it!

Go Irish!

Abby joined the Catholic Youth Football Cheerleading Squad this year! This is her first year cheering and she LOVES it!!! She is doing very well and I cant wait to go to the next game. My favorite cheer is :

We're big B I G, we're bad B A D, and we're boss, B O S S, B O S S, boss!
They are so cute doing that cheer! I love it!!!

I am really liking her cheerleading, alot better than soccer. It seems to fit her personality much better!! The Irish won their first game 22-6 against Gibbs!

Back to School!

Wow! I just noticed I haven't blogged in 18 days!!! We have been so busy getting back to school! Between buying school supplies, new clothes, and getting things ready for the first day I have not had any time! Not to mention a baby that has had a diaper rash so bad I had to take him to the dr and hes on 2 different medicines for it!

I officially have a 2nd grader now!!!! She is loving school again, I am so glad I have one that loves school and I can only hope the other one follows her. She is in class with some of her close friends again this year and she was separated from so of them too, so she was nervous and a little sad she would miss some of her friends but she sees them at lunch and recess so she is very happy with 2nd grade!

The first day of 2nd grade at St. Mary's School:

Below Abby and Molly compare missing and loose teeth LOL:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cell Phone Bling

I decided to vamp up my Blackberry today. There is a kiosk at the mall that sells cell phone and ipod covers. I saw a really cute floral print one so I looked at it. Of course Abby said "get the diamonds Mommy, get the diamonds they match your phone!" So after looking at about 10 covers I broke down and let the lady put the diamond one on my phone---oh my gosh, I LOVED it!!!! I know it may be a little flashy for "mom" but hey a girl can let loose every now and then!!!!! LOL Check it out. Its a little hard to tell in the photos but it has black, purple, pink, and clear sparkly diamonds all over it!! BLING BLING!!!!

Love and Lemonade

Abby decided she needed to help the animals at Young-Williams Animal Shelter. She set up a lemonade stand in our yard. We have some wonderful neighbors who came and bought from her. Her sign was soooo cute. It said Cost-Donation, and was very colorful and sweet. She loves collecting money for a good cause. She collected $11.70 so we are going to set up a couple more at some yard sales and then send out donation in at the end of the month! Let me know if you want to help her out! All donations will go to the animal shelter! Email me or comment and I will get you information. I will also post when we are doing the next one!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kids Say AND Do the Darndest Things.....LOL

Isn't that the cutest face you have ever seen???? LOL Well she has the attitude to go with it!!!

Today we went to the mall and when I stepped on the escalator, I looked down and then back up and I got disoriented and fell backward and was hanging onto the rail! LOL My leg was all skinned up and there I hung trying to get my balance, I looked back at Abby and rolling her eyes she said "Mommy everyone is looking at you!" As we came to the bottom of the escalator there were people standing in line to get their car registration renewed and had seen the entire thing, they were looking at me and giggling, I just smiled and Abby announces as loud as she can" I DON'T KNOW HER!!!!" LOL It was so funny. Never mind that mommy fell for three days and skinned her leg all up, she just wanted those people to know that she DID NOT know me!!!LOL Ahhhh, to be a mom!! My husband didn't help matters any either, when we told him what happened he goes "OMG, honey we cant take you anywhere without you falling!!" I am so glad to have such a supportive family!! I do have to say you never know what each day will bring in this family!

Check out my injury---LOL!!! and my Grandma House shoes I wear ALL THE TIME. No I didn't have them on at the mall!! :)

When friends come to town.............

Last week one of my best friends and Brady's godmother, Jennifer, came to town with her little girl Mackenzie. They live in Florida. They used to be our neighbors but had to move! We spent Wednesday with them at the mall. The kids watched the movie Ramona and Beezus which they LOVED and highly recommended!!
Then on Saturday we went to our friends the Drafts for a cookout. We had an awesome time! Its always great to spend time with friends!!!