Monday, October 29, 2012

My Cabinet Redo!

Well, Im at it again! I spent the entire day repainting my 70+ year old Hoosier Cabinet. When I got it a previous owner thought it should be trimmed in a funky green...not my style and it didnt match my kitchen either!

I decided to paint it back all white. I used a Satin finish Bistro White to repaint it. I also felt it needed a "pop" of color so I spent a week going back and forth on what color I should use. I didnt want to trim the entire cabinet like it was before so I opted to paint the back panel and the inside back panel Yellow.

My only issue was apparently the paint that was used before I got it was some really harsh wouldnt sand off, I used steel wool and it still wounldnt budge, so I just decided to start painting. It took 4 coats to cover that funky green and brighten the white..the dirt that wouldnt wash off was sooo hard to paint over, it just kept coming to the surface...but I finally got it!!!!

Yes what I thought would be a quick easy spruce up turned into an entire day of painting Hell!!! LOL But I am glad I tackled it today and now it looks so pretty!



Back panels in yellow...I thought it gave it a good "pop" and kept the vintage look.

When I got it, we found that someone had written a recipe on the inside of the door. After looking it up and talking with my mom we have decided its a recipe for Chocolate Gravy!!! So I DID NOT paint over it. and at the top of the door is a phone number someone had written down. I dont think I will call it but I opted to keep it as well!!! So cute...I guess they didnt have paper and used the cabinet for note taking..hahaha!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wanna Be Interior Designer...

I like to pretend I was an interior designer in another life. Although, maybe not a great one...but anyway...LOL....I found these plates at a local store and a friend of mine had told me about these awesome plate hangers that just stick to the back of the plate and you can hang them on the wall sooooooooooo....this is what I ended up with. I like it!

Also, I have been searching for an antique Hoosier cabinet for a long time. My aunt has one that my grandfather bought my grandmother when they first married. Of course, she will not part with it so I started looking for my own. These babys are NOT cheap and everyone I found was super expensive or had the old timey flour bin and sifter missing. I refused to buy one that had the sifter missing! So I basically gave was a lost cause, I was never going to find one....well I got a call last night from my Dad and he said he had found me something at an auction and he would be bringing it to me this morning...hmmmmmm....OMG...its a Hoosier Cabinet!! That has the flour bin and sifter still intact!!! Yes, she needs a new coat of paint and some TLC but its the best one I have seen! I love it and cant wait to freshen it up, but I couldnt just leave it in the garage, I had to put it in the kitchen!!!!

Flour Sifter....its the original!

Door still has the original wire inside it!

Photo Shoot...LOL

Ok as you all have already read----I am dieting!! LOL So far to date I have lost 65 pounds!!! Yay me!! I would still like to lose about 20 more! My husband decided to play "photographer" a few weeks ago and he took some pretty good pictures of me. I have spent the past 10 years hiding from the camera so this was "huge" for me to put myself out there like this. I saw a segment on one of the morning shows about how moms are realizing they are not in photographs with their children because they dont like the way they look. I was guilty of that as well, but I did often get in photos, I just felt horrible when I saw them! HA! Although, I used to kid around with my mom that I had the opposite of matter how bad I looked in photos and the mirror I was always like "dang I look good today!" LOL

So here's my husbands handy work as "Mr. Photographer" for the day!