Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I love my Christmas Tree!! It's more of a "memory" or a look at the past tree. Below are some pictures of some of my favorite ornaments and my favorite things on the tree. Chad and I bought the elf and ladder our first Christmas. I love that elf and ladder so much! Of course I have several Vera Bradley ornaments!! I have alot of homemade ornaments Abby has made me in school. I love the star with her picture on it. She did that one in First grade! The Santa in the car is so old. My parents neighbor gave that to me in 1990 (I think)and the tree hook fell off years ago so now I just sit him in the tree somewhere. Of course I guess my favorite ornaments are the ones off our wedding tree, we were married in December and we had a Christmas tree in the reception that was decorated in white and silver. The little gazebo ornament was on that tree along with the snowflake garland and white pearl garland. I have some others but these are my favorites. My kids have their first ornaments on it as well so those are sooo special too. We stuff Santa into our tree, we have done this for years, we have Santa heads, stuffed Santas, and we just take them and stuff them in the branches. OH, and lets not forget Cousin Eddies RV from our FAVORITE Christmas movie!!!! We decided 6 years ago to stop putting an angel or star on top of the tree. I have this HUGE peppermint bow I put on top of it and ribbon hangs down the top of the tree. So this is our tree!!!!!

It's The Most Wonderful Time..........

So I started decorating for Christmas this week!!! I can't believe its almost Christmas!!! I love this time of year!! We had to buy a new Christmas tree this year. We had a prelit slim tree for the past 6 years and I LOVED that tree. Last year we had the middle lights go out and had to put a string of lights in it. Well this year we only had a small area on the bottom work. That was it...we were done with prelit trees. We bought this really nice Pine at Target. I love it. We also got some fancy lights for it. They are red, clear, and white. I cleaned out alot of old decorations so I feel a little bare this year, maybe I need to go buy some new stuff! LOL Welcome Christmas........

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New be continued....

So, I have started a project I cant seem to finish. It's starting to really irritate me because I had such big plans for this new playroom. We had an extra room downstairs that was the dining room but I really needed a place for the kids to play and stay occupied downstairs so we moved some things around and ended up with an empty room----FINALLY---my playroom could start.....well that's about as far as I have gotten. My husband wants to build some built in bookshelves and storage so we haven't gotten that done yet, I need a nice area rug and some storage, and I need to hang my pictures and things. I had this great idea to use chalkboard paint and make a chalkboard on the wall---well my nice big chalkboard ended up classroom sized, which is ok but I joke I made a school room instead of a playroom!!! I think when it all comes together it WILL be fabulous, but right now this is all I can show you...stay tuned!!!! :)



Wedding Weekend

Over the weekend my husband and I went to his friend and co-works wedding in Gatlinburg. I thought we were going to die on the way up the mountain, seeing how to get to the wedding location we drove through a golf course (I think we took a wrong turn somewhere LOL), around curves that had us seeing the back of the car from the front LOL, and very small roads with no guardrails and drop-offs that gave me goose bumps!!!!! However, when we finally arrived at the wedding location I do have to say it was probably on of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life!! Truly it was Fall everywhere!!! It was a very intimate wedding and very sweet. I felt honored to be a guest and my husband was a groomsman (his second job hahah-seems he is in a wedding all the time!). The reception was really great, if you sat in front of the candy apple wrapped in orange paper you won the centerpiece on the table, yea I won the centerpiece at our table! Yay me!!!!! The food was Thanksgiving themed with turkey, dressing, green beans, salad, potatoes, and rolls. Very yummy!!!
Below are some pictures from the wedding. It was an awesome time.